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The strongest hair replacement adhesive on the market, Sunshine Silicone Elite gives a high-quality medical-grade hold for your toupee, wig or lace system. Sunshine Silicone Elite will exceed all of your silicone adhesive expectations at a more affordable price than other toupee or wig glues supplied by our competitor Walker Tape.

Our customers love how this Toupee Glue comes in two convenient sizes that make it easy to work with. Our 0.5 oz and 4 oz Wig Glue both come with a brush cap which makes the application of our Wig Adhesive easier and less stringy.

Silicone Elite is tested skin safe and will give you at least four weeks of hold time. It works well on all types of hair replacement units, wigs, toupees and hair pieces.

Comparable to Walker Tape's Ultra and Extreme Hold, Sunshine Silicone Elite comes in Extended and Maximum Wear which helps customers choose which product is best for them. 

Extended Wear provides a secure hold lasting 3-4 weeks while our Maximum wear provides a 4-5 week hold. However, depending on climate and body chemistry, it can last up to 6 weeks. 

How to Use Sunshine Silicone Elite:

Step 1: Clean your client's scalp. 
Step 2: Prepare the Scalp with Alcohol Remover to increase hold time. 
Step 3: Apply two thin layers of Sunshine Silicone Elite 
Step 4: Blow dry until tacky to the touch
Step 5: Place the unit and press it firmly onto the scalp. 

Important Facts: 

  • Sunshine Silicone Elite is a silicone adhesive 
  • Strongest Adhesive on the market
  • It's medically tested skin safe
  • Easy to install and remove

Available Sizes: 

  • Brush-on 0.5oz
  • Brush-on 4oz