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This year we’re continuing to provide our barbers and salon professionals with the best hair system products for their clients (as we have been for the last 35+ years!) It all started with our hair tape, and today we’re highlighting our best toupee tape and best wig tape—depending on what your client needs are, we’ve got you covered. 

If you’re new here, let us tell you a bit about us! 

At Sunshine Tape, we strive to be the most reliable, direct, and affordable business in the hair replacement industry. We always put our customers first, which means no price tiers and the most competitive price on the market. You can always count on us to get your orders to you on time, every time.  

Now, let’s get into the top toupee tapes and wig tapes we know you and your clients will love.   

Sunshine Tape 

Our namesake signature Sunshine Tape is one of our customers' favorite go-to's! This tape will hold from five days to two weeks—depending on how often your client plans to reapply their hair system and the proper steps taken to maximize hair tape performance.  

What makes this tape so special is how easy it is to remove and that it’s virtually invisible on the scalp. When peeling the tape off, you can expect minimal residue that’s easily wiped clean with remover. Barbers and stylists alike choose this tape to use as a daily option as it works well for those tape for toupee and wig tape wearers who want to take their hair system off each day.  

1522 Tape 

When it comes to daily wear adhesive products, our 1522 Tape is the best toupee tape for clients with allergies or sensitive scalps. The lining of this hair tape is made with a hypoallergenic adhesive and is waterproof and nontoxic. Although this tape is commonly used as a daily wear tape for toupees and wigs, with proper application, its maximum hold time is up to one week of wear. Clean-up is easy with this tape, which means no sticky residue to deal with when removing, making your life easier when using this tape on your clients.  

(Comparable: Walker's 1522® and Vapon's Topstick®)  

Quick Aggressive Tape 

If you like our 1522 Tape, this one is similar but with a bit more versatility! This tape has been designed to be flexible and durable as you smooth and secure your clients’ hair systems. This tape for toupees and wigs gives your clients a hold time from one to two weeks and provides an easy clean up when they’re ready to remove and reapply their hair system. 

(Comparable: Walker's SuperStick®)  

Hyper Hold Tape 

Our Hyper Hold Tape is an ideal low-maintenance option for a long-lasting bond that provides extra flexibility and stretch for a comfortable wear. Your client will love the dull finish making the hair tape lines undetectable through the hair system. This is the best wig tape (and best toupee tape!) for those clients looking for a maximum wear time of four to six weeks. Keep in mind when removing that you’ll need some of our Sunshine Tape removers on hand for this tape to get rid of residue left behind. 

(Comparable: Walker's No Shine®)  

Lace Front Hold Tape 

Although our Lace Front Hold Tape looks blue from the outside, that’s just the signature liner! For the tape itself, expect a clear, dull, non-shiny finish for a next-to-invisible wear for lace base hair systems. This is the best toupee tape for clients who want an extended wear option for their lace systems lasting from two to four weeks before having to reapply. 

(Comparable: Walker's Lace Front Support®)  

Blue Hole Punch Tape 

If your client has a delicate hair system base, our Blue Hole Punch Tape fits the bill! For those with thinning hair or sensitive scalps, this tape’s adhesive won’t be irritating or uncomfortable. This tape is made with a hypoallergenic and water-resistant material, which makes this the best wig tape for clients that have an active lifestyle with a regular routine of exercise and sports. When your client wants a long-lasting hold of up to four weeks as a lower-maintenance option, this will be their top choice! 

(Comparable: Walker's Extenda-Bond Plus®)

Liberty Red Tape 

For those clients that have poly bases and want a daily wear tape, we recommend our Liberty Red Tape. This tape offers a non-aggressive tack without a messy cleanup after removal. If you’re looking for toupee or wig tape strips, you can order this tape in that form instead of a roll. Enjoy a versatile mid-extended wear adhesive for your clients that offers up to two weeks of wear.  

(Comparable: Walker's Sensi-Tak®) 

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