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If you’ve never used a hair system before, you likely have many questions starting with, “What is a hair system?” Hair systems are also referred to as hairpieces or toupees, which are worn on the scalp to cover partial baldness. Hair systems for men are a popular choice for getting a full head of hair without the commitment of going through surgery. Hair systems provide flexibility, versatility, affordability, and immediate results for those who choose to wear them. 

Are you curious about trying a hairpiece? There’s plenty of misinformation out there about them, so what’s true and what’s false? Our hair experts are here to help!  

Common Myths About Hair Systems 

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about hair systems, especially for those who are completely new to them. If you’ve never used a hairpiece, you probably searched online looking up more about hair systems for men. The problem is that many myths about hair systems are floating around the Internet. This could be for a range of reasons, some based on a level of truth and others totally false.  

So, how do you determine fact from fiction when it comes to hair systems? Don’t worry, we’ll help you sort through the information!  

Here are some of the most common myths about hair systems:  

Myth #1: Hair systems for men can worsen hair loss or hair thinning  

If you have a hair system applied by a professional, you won’t have to worry about any hair loss or thinning of your natural hair because of it! Damage to natural hair can happen when being too rough on the hair during application or removal, among other errors during these processes. This is never an issue as long as you have hair systems properly applied and maintained.  

Myth #2: Hair system products cause irritation and a reaction on your scalp  

You’ve likely read dissatisfied stories on hair system product reviews that talk about irritation or reactions. While this is possible for those with sensitive skin, the key is to find a product that works best for your scalp. When applying hair systems for men, the stylist will perform a skin patch test first to see if the adhesive will cause any reaction on your skin. Most of the time, wearers don’t have any issues at all! Our products for hair systems at Sunshine Tape are made in the USA with medical-grade ingredients. They’re also formulated with hypoallergenic properties to ensure comfortable wear for sensitive skin.  

Myth #3: You can’t customize or style a hair system the way you want it  

While some hair systems for men come pre-styled, the majority of hair systems are fully customizable. You can choose a style and color that best fits your natural hair. You can also style your hair system the way you want, especially with human hairpieces that can be cut and colored to your liking. When you order your hair system, you can also custom-fit it to your hair based on your measurements. This ensures you get the style and fit you need for the best experience with your hairpiece.   

Myth #4: Hairpieces are only made from synthetic hair and look unnatural  

Another misconception about hair systems for men is that they’re made from synthetic (and often cheap or obviously fake) material. This isn’t the case for all hairpieces! Many wearers can opt for human hair toupees for a more natural look when wearing. Of course, there are benefits to both when choosing between natural and synthetic hair systems. And even if you go with a synthetic hairpiece, it doesn’t mean it won’t look natural.  

Myth #5: Toupees are uncomfortable and hot to wear  

While there are materials out there that might be less comfortable or breathable, generally, this isn’t the case for many hair systems for men. Hair systems can be custom-fitted to the measurements of the wearer for their head shape and size, which equals comfortable wear. Many toupees are made from lightweight materials, such as lace bases, allowing for ultimate breathability. Choosing adhesive tapes like Blue Hole Punch tape that has small holes throughout adds extra breathability. Liquid adhesives are another great choice for those concerned about feeling hot underneath their toupee.   

No Hair System Misconceptions Here 

We’ve debunked the most common myths about hair systems, so there’s no more confusion! Hair systems for men are a versatile and convenient way to have a full head of hair again. There are many options for hair systems, such as base type, cut, color, and style. Find a hairpiece that fits your preferences and lifestyle. Once you have decided on a hair system, you need the right products to apply and remove it! 

At Sunshine Tape, we offer all of the hair system essentials, from hair tape and liquid adhesive to removers and more! Find everything you need in our online shop.