Hairpieces for men give your clients the option to switch up their look and have control over their hair. Gone are the days of wearing a hat or feeling insecure about their hair. Hairpieces offer a newfound level of confidence for your hair system clients. They can choose from various styles, colors, and textures to find what works best for them. The best part is that you can assure your clients who are searching for “hairpieces near me” that they’ll be in good hands with you! 

Once you’ve assisted your client in choosing their hair system, the next step is to make sure they know the proper care once they head home. From recommending the right hairpiece supplies to creating a care routine, our hair system pros at Sunshine Tape are here to help! We’ll ensure you’ve covered all bases with an at-home guide to caring for their hairpieces. First, let’s get into how long your client can expect their hair system to last!   

How Long Do Hairpieces Last? 

The short answer: it’s different for each client. When looking at hairpieces for men, the timeframe depends on whether they’re made of high-quality materials and how they’ve been maintained. If they’ve invested in a hairpiece that’s built to last and they take proper care of it, you can expect it to have a longer lifespan.   

On average, hairpieces will last from six to ten months when used on a daily basis (look for these signs when it’s time to replace a hairpiece!). We always recommend having two hairpieces on hand for each client. That way, your client always has a backup, and they won’t wear out as quickly when switching off.   

How To Take Care of Hairpieces for Men 

The goal of applying hairpieces is to ensure they look as natural as possible! Part of this starts with a proper application, but the rest is up to your client to take care of their hairpiece long after they leave your chair. This is where you can provide them with the knowledge they need to keep their hairpieces looking their best. 

Provide these at-home care tips to your hairpiece clients:  

Hair System Maintenance 

Once you’ve had your hairpiece applied, you’ll need to keep up with brushing, washing, and styling your hair system. The key is using hairpiece supplies and products made specifically for hair systems.   

  • Brush your hairpiece with a brush that combines boar bristles and synthetic (these will be gentler on delicate hairpieces for men). 
  • Avoid tugging or pulling too firmly on your hairpiece when brushing so you don’t accidentally damage or loosen the hair system. 
  • Use a wide-tooth comb for more stubborn knots and tangles. 
  • Before washing, always brush out your hairpiece and detangle. 
  • Never wash your hairpiece with hot water; go with cold to lukewarm water.  
  • Let your hairpiece air-dry when possible; if you choose to use a blow dryer, always use a heat protectant and keep it on the lowest heat setting (this helps to avoid damaging the hair system hair and the base). 
  • Choose alcohol-free styling products to prevent damage to your hairpiece. 
  • Wash and condition your hairpiece with products formulated to be gentle on hairpieces.  

Hairpiece Nighttime Routine  

When you’re wearing a hairpiece for weeks at a time, create a nighttime routine that allows your hair system to last as long as possible.    

  • If you’re sleeping while wearing your hairpiece, never go to bed with damp or wet hair, as it’s more prone to damage.  
  • Always brush your hairpiece before going to sleep to reduce the chance of knots or tangles forming in the night.  
  • Sleep with a satin or silk pillowcase to reduce the friction on your hairpiece when you move in the night.  
  • If you tend to toss and turn a lot, consider wearing a sleeping cap to protect your hairpiece from the added friction (which can lead to damage!). 
  • Check to see if your hairpiece is loose before bed; consider reapplying with a stronger hold hair tape so it doesn’t lift further or move during the night.  

Proper Storage When Not in Use  

If you have multiple hairpieces or take yours off each night, you’ll need to know how to store them the right way.  

  • Wash your hairpiece to get rid of any dirt, oil, and buildup before storing. 
  • Ensure your hairpiece is completely dry before you put it away to avoid mildew forming.  
  • Use a hairpiece storage container that’s solid and sturdy to keep out moisture and dust. 
  • Store your hairpieces in a dark, clean, and dry area away from direct sunlight.  
  • Never expose your hairpiece to extreme heat or cold; aim for room-temperature storage.   

Are you looking for the best hairpiece supplies and products for your clients? Sunshine Tape has everything you need, from hair tape and liquid adhesive to removers and salon products!