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Are you prepped for success? Long-lasting hair replacement and toupee applications require the right mix of techniques and tools. The following five tools will set the proper foundation for an effective hold, natural look, and happy client.  

Sunshine Tape Gold Cloth


High-Quality Hair Tape/Adhesive 

The style of your toupee or hair replacement system is only as good as the hair tape or adhesive glue holding it. Be sure to invest in high-quality toupee tapes and adhesives for strong, inconspicuous holds that fuse well with multiple types of hair replacement systems. All of Sunshine Tape’s adhesive glues and tape products are hypoallergenic, waterproof, and 100% made in the U.S. From daily wear to extended wear and everything in between, you will love the variety of options just waiting to meet every client’s needs.   


Sunshine Tape Alcohol Remover

Reliable Adhesive Remover 

In addition to excellent adhesive tapes and glues, every hair replacement expert needs a reliable adhesive removerThe stronger the initial application, the more aggressive the cleaner must be. A successful refresh of your client’s style requires the complete removal of the existing adhesive. Installing a hair system on a scalp with previous residue will significantly compromise the quality of the hold. Have you been searching for a dependable remover your clients will love? Our Sunshine Citrus Cleaner is aggressive on adhesives but gentle on the scalp.  


Sunshine Tape Brush Applicator

Application Brushes/Sponges 

Long-lasting adhesive and product application require the right techniques, and the right techniques can’t be accomplished without the right tools. For successful hair replacements that look natural, you must apply thin, even coats of liquid adhesive products to the scalp and/or hair system. The only way to effectively do this is with good-quality application brushes or sponges. They also make the installation process faster and easier.  


Sunshine Tape Skin Prep

Primer/Skin Prep 

This concept is simple. Poor scalp preparation will result in a poor hair replacement application. The initial prep is one of the most important yet often undervalued steps for successful toupee hairpiece adhesion. Not only is a solid skin prep product necessary to achieve a good application, but it is also essential for the comfortability of your clients. Without a high-quality skin prep product, hair replacement adhesives or toupee tapes can irritate the scalp. Sunshine’s Skin Prep provides a sealed barrier against uncomfortable irritation while also promoting a stronger bond for the hair system or toupee.  


Hair Clippers Wahl

Shaping Clippers or Razors 

Last but still equally as necessary are shaping clippers and razors. Every barber and hairstylist need a set to create the perfect toupee or hair replacement stylePrior to beginning the installation process, you’ll want to use your razor to make sure the application site is completely free of hair. (This will guarantee your client has a pain-free install and removal process.) Once you’ve set the hair system in place, use your shaping clippers to clean up and style your client’s final look.  


Do you have all of these tools handy for your next toupee application? At Sunshine Tape Products, our goal is to set up every stylist, barber, and salon owner for success. Contact us today about our industry-leading toupee tapes, adhesive glues, scalp primers, and adhesive removers.